A Day in Delhi

Hi everyone,

It’s been a while but I’m so happy to say that from now on I will be posting more travel related blogs so exciteddddd!

I’ve recently landed in my dream job which I’m so grateful for, allowing me to do what I love as well as travel the world and meet lots of people.

As my first trip I was sent to New Delhi – India, guyss… not did I only think it was a place I would never get the chance to see and experience the culture but I got the chance to visit the ever so famous Taj Mahal.  I.  Was.  Speechless.   I could’ve cried I was so happy to be there, that place is absolutely insane! If any of you have been before, you’ll know what I mean, and for the ones who haven’t – I suggest you add it to your top places to see!

Now lets start from the beginning… I checked in for my flight around 7pm which had a departure time of 9pm making it a deep night flight. After 7 and a half hours we arrived to Delhi Airport, baring in mind its also 5 and a half hours later there (now am I the only one here who thought it was either 5 or 6 hours difference and there was no such thing as 5 1/2hours… well I was wrong haha! you learn something every day) 3 of the girls and I got picked up from the airport taking us straight to the Taj Mahal as it was about 4 hours away.


Here’s us in the taxi wearing a real flower necklace we got from the driver how nice of him!





Seeing we had a long journey ahead of us and we didn’t slept during the night it was the perfect opportunity to get some rest… we thought… well we were wrong haha! I’m sure you know what the traffic is like there, no rules no nothing, everyone does their own things on the road as unbelievable as that sounds, constant honking and shouting, no such things as a lane or indicating. One minute there was a little boy selling bracelets on the road, next minute a cow was crossing, very normal there…

Anyways we did manage to get a bit of rest and had some snacks but as soon as we got there, none of us were tired anymore, just super excited to finally get out the car and visit this magical place. The driver stayed in the car with all of our bags as it isn’t really allowed to take them in for security reasons. After having walked about a mile and locals asking us wether we wanted a tour guide, a tuk-tuk, try their newest dish at the local restaurant, buy a headscarf, a keyring or some handmade shoes for only 100 rupees we made it to the gate where we bought our tickets. It’s interesting the way they do it but for the locals its about 15 rupees to get in which is like… 15p and for us it was 2500 rupees which equals to around £25 if I’m correct. There was a really long queue from there to the entrance and I thought it was so nice to see so many people from different countries come together.

Tadaam we made it! How unreal and gorgeous is that view… even more beautiful in person. No matter how far it was, that 8 hour journey there and back from the hotel was so so worth it!

We took so many lovely pictures of everything with the girls to keep as a memory of this amazing trip.

I nearly forgot… I made a huge mistake of going in a skirt due to religous reasons of India etc which I wasn’t aware of as I’ve never been… I had around 30-40 people come up to me asking me for photos with them and I just couldn’t understand why I was so confused! A sweet southern Asian lady came up to me for a photo then her brother, and other brother and sister and mum… even if you said no to photos they would still be sneaky and take an unexpected selfie. So… lesson learnt. Don’t wear a skirt.

We probably spent around 4 hours there then made our way back to the taxi taking us to our hotel. We stayed at a gorgeous 5 star palace, I was speechless…again. Met the girls downstairs for dinner which was a traditional Indian buffet with endless amounts of dessert options from all around the world.

After having had a real taste of the Indian cuisine we made our way up to our rooms to catch up on some sleep before we go back home. The rooms were very spacious and modern with an enormous bed and a gorgeous marble bathroom with a huge square bath I later filled with bubbles to relax after a very long and memorable day.


Went to sleep around 2am after having ironed my uniform and prepared everything for the following day and our final flight home. Lots of love to my lovely crew and all their help, so grateful for such an experience. Until next time Delhi!


Evelin x



One thought on “A Day in Delhi

  1. The context about traffic you mentioned is actually true and is one of the most annoying incident that takes place in part of almost every urban city here.
    PS, I enjoyed reading through this post.

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