My Current Hair Care Routine

Hi everyone, hope you’re all well!

Who’s getting excited with Christmas just round the corner???

Seeing we’re deep into wintertime now, I thought I would take extra care of my hair due to the cold weather possibly drying it out more… so what better way than to share with you my hair care routine that’s been doing miracles for me recently, keeping my hair looking ashy and shiny and softer than ever.

All of the products that I use are completely affordable and can be found in most supermarkets or online and I like to keep the routine quite simple instead of using lots of different oils and serums together which could make my hair oily or sticky or potentially dry my hair out even more.

First of all, I try not to wash my hair too often as I heard washing your hair everyday can be damaging to the roots as it strips off the natural oils which naturally build up to help your hair grow and stay protected. Because of that I try and stick to washing my hair probably 2-3 times a week as with work it has to be up and I find it gets more of that unwashed look when it’s up too much.



So this is the Aussie miracle moist shampoo that I have been loving recently not just because of the amazing sweet smell but because it makes your hair so so soft leaving the hair feeling light. This one adds more moisture into your hair with macadamia oils and more but they have a large variety of other shampoo’s that protects your hair colour, reduces fizz and others for the purpose of revitalising dry and dull hair. I bought mine from Boots for £5.99.

As you can tell I love Aussie’s hair products… Next up is this 3 minute miracle reconstructor which is a deep conditioner and let me tell you guys… this product is literally one of the best hair care items I have ever come across.                                          image2-1The smell of it is just breathtaking but it honestly will give you Cinderella hair after 3 minutes so no need to leave it in super long either. The only thing I find slightly annoying is the packaging as the lid has to be undone fully instead of it just popping open audit being easier to use, but we can make it work with the cap too… Again its from Boots and retails at £4.99.


In order to make sure that my hair stays an ashy blonde so has more of a silvery tone than a warm one I use a purple shampoo as it cancels out the yellow tones in my hair. If you do have light blonde hair be careful with this as I left mine of for a couple of minutes and my hair turned light 


purple in some areas which I thought looked quite nice but just don’t be surprised if it happened to you too hence they don’t suggest you to leave it on for more than 5 minutes. Also don’t use this every time you wash your hair but perhaps once a week, not more. I have very kindly been sent over this silver shampoo called B Uniq by Bellezobrands who sell this on their website as well as on Amazon. This retails for £12.99.



This Fizz ease miraculous recovery deep conditioner mask by John Frieda is the bomb. I love all of their products because they all seem such high quality and lots of hair salons use John Frieda which can only be a good thing. It smells good, don’t need a large amount so a little goes a long way again and after you have used this mask your hair feels super healthy. You can apply this from root to end and wash off after 2 mins and it won’t make your hair feel greasy. Again I don’t use this every time i wash my hair but once every week to 2 weeks. Available at Boots for £6.99.

Finally, we have this L’oreal Elvive Extraordinary oil which I use after I have washed my hair and have towel dried it, as well as brushed it all through with my tangle tweezer. It doesn’t just act as

image1a heat protector but it thickens your hair as well as making it look super smooth, shiny and healthy looking. I usually only apply this to the bottom half of my hair. This little bottle really goes a long way, I use about 3 pumps for my hair. Got mine from Boots for £9.99.



Hope this has been to some use of you looking for new products to try out to make your hair look smoother and healthier. Feel free to let me know your favourite hair products in the comment section below.


E. – x


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