An Eventful Weekend in Miami

Hi all,

Was fortunate enough to spend last weekend in Miami which was a great time to be there as it was hotter than it had been the weeks before and it was a very lively weekend by South Beach!

After a long 9 and a half hour flight we arrived to Miami airport in the afternoon and made our way to South Beach where we stayed for the weekend. As our rooms weren’t quite ready when we had arrived to the hotel, they welcomed us with drinks and food which is just what we needed after an entire day of flying over the Atlantic! When we got our room keys we arranged a time to meet downstairs with the rest of the crew to get some dinner and go for drinks. Issue was… they all knew I was the baby of the group and my 21st was only in 3 weeks time hahaha so it was a problem to get me in anywhere, even if I said I wouldn’t drink. As we were queueing to get into the third place and kept on ‘pretending I forgot my ID’ this 50 year old Portuguese man turned around, 2 minutes later we were in an Uber with a complete stranger on our way to Downtown Miami to one of the most famous clubs there. Of course there was no chance of me getting in even after he tried convincing the bouncers I was ‘with him’ haha guys what a crazy night right… Who would’ve thought… After accepting I couldn’t get in anywhere at all, the 4 of us ordered food to a bar I sneaked in and had to hide my face the whole time (so not worth it.)

The following morning I woke up to this view at 7am – my favourite view ever.

After crawling out of bed that morning (fully sober) me and my friend went for breakfast to “The Daily Creative Food” and it was SOOOO good, I highly recommend it! They have a huge range of breakfasts and all sorts of smoothies and juices!

We all spent the day chilling by the pool, (mainly pushing each other into the water unexpectedly) relaxing and getting our tan on which was just so nice. Ordering lunch by the pool and nice refreshing drinks, others ordered cocktails (I of course couldn’t as you know by now… not old enough etc hahaha)

As we sat by the pool 3 hours prior to it starting we spontaneously decided to get tickets to the basketball game, Miami Heats vs Detroit Pistons at the American Airlines Arena. You guys… I didn’t know what to expect as I’m not a big basketball fan but wow it was such an amazing night, that over a night out any day haha! We got really good seats, quite high up but no matter where you sat the view was great. Not sure what I enjoyed more the actual game or all the entertainment in between (defo that). Got some pizza to munch on during the game as well so happy days. 

As we got back quite late we went straight to sleep and up early again in the morning so we could make the most of our last day. Grabbed some food on the way and walked down to the markets they have set up near the mall every Sunday and then down to the beach which ended up being quite a bit of a walk as we were meeting our friends at one of the hotels, but it was great as it was so hot and quiet on the roads.

We spent the whole afternoon in the sun down by the beach sipping on ice cold water to keep us hydrated and it felt so good to be able to enjoy such hot weather after a whole week of snow and freezing cold temperature at home in England! And it was also really nice that most of the crew were up to doing something together as it was a 2-3 day trip and now indefinitely feel like we have managed to make the most of our time there.

Until next time Miami, I’ll be back in 2 weeks time. In the mean time next destination is New York then Safari in Johannesburg yay!

Evelin x


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