Cabin Crew Assessment Day: What To Expect

Hi All,

I’m aware that a couple of airlines are recruiting again and wanted give the ones that are interested a few general tips as I know for myself, I always like to do my research before I take part in something like that and I did try when I had mine but couldn’t find too much…                                                              Male and female cabin crew walking through large modern airport building

I’d like to include a few things that I wish I knew before my assessment day and generally what to expect as it might be completely unfamiliar to you (it was to me)


What to do (or not to do) before hand:

  • Anyone else ever decided to do a mini evening pamper sesh at home before a day you have been looking forward to… so you try this amazing new cream or face-mask or whatever you wish and apply it then wake up the next morning and it makes your skin either super red or oily? (I know I have, multiple times and I just don’t seem to learn) yeah ehm… try and stay away from doing that as it might require you longer to get ready before your interview or your makeup might turn out different to how you like it and we wouldn’t want that to ruin your day.
  • Always look up the place you have to be at whether they decided to hold the Assessment day at a hotel which is the most common place I would say, double check the address, make sure you know how to get there. If you drive leave earlier than you would incase there’s traffic, no parking spaces or roadworks. If you need to take public transport leave extra early as they can be unreliable and make sure that you always have a backup plan. IT IS REALLY REALLY IMPORTANT THAT YOU DON’T TURN UP LATE!!!!! 


What to wear:

It is important that you look the part so dress for the occasion appropriately. If you don’t have a suit jacket and skirt or trousers to go with it then it is definitely worth investing in getting one as there will be many other occasions it may come in use. I would personally stick to black, grey and navy or dark browns and avoid bright colours as it may be distracting. Make sure your shirt is ironed as they will definitely notice the effort you put in. Don’t be revealing, don’t wear a skirt that is too short and button up your shirt (there are no men to impress and getting the job is your priority). Wear heels if you feel comfortable wearing them (not too high) but just to make your appearance more elegant. Don’t go overboard on jewellery, I would advise to wear a watch, and a ring or two, keep it minimal. And lastly, have your hair up in a bun as it will give them the impression you are trying hard, had time to do your hair and it won’t take the attention away from the main thing, your face.


What to bring:

Every company is different, I know that with mine we got sent a list of things we had to bring which were our passport of course, 2 passport sized photo’s, a bill or something to show as proof of your address, national insurance number,etc. I’m not sure if they ask for the same thing everywhere but they will definitely let you know prior to the day. Other than that, you can always bring a notepad and pen to drop down some things, bring some snacks as the day will involve quite a bit of waiting, bobby pins to make sure your hair stays in place, the lipstick you’re wearing on the day and I wouldn’t worry about anything else.


What to expect on the day:

Interestingly my assessment day was on a Sunday morning (uhum…) at 8am but were asked to get there earlier than that. First of all we were all called into a conference room where we had our height measured and weight taken, had to give a copy of all the documents they asked us to bring on the day and after that we got seated in a different room, all 20ish of us and about 8-10 staff from the company. This was followed by a presentation introducing themselves and what they do and about the company background and general information. After that we took part in activities that allowed us to show our sales capabilities and how we would generally react in a situation which was all role-play, as well as being part of a group and having to organise something they instruct us to do. This exercise gives you a chance to stand out, being a leader, listening to others and making it a fun exercise. This was the make or break point where they decided if they thought you were right or not and if you were successful you were told shortly after which was followed by another presentation, going more in depth about salary, rosters, uniform, starting day, training,… Then the final step was a 1 to 1 interview and uniform fitting at the very end (which you can imagine was the best part).

In general I thought my assessment day was amazing and loved every minute of it. The staff who held the interview were lovely, very professional and all cabin crew so they were really able to give us an insight of what to expect and got us very excited! 

The one advise I would give is to just be yourself and to enjoy it, try not to be too nervous as it might show a different side of you and be chatty, they like that. 🙂


Hope this has been useful to some of you, let me know if anyone has an assessment day going on anytime soon and I’m here if you have any questions, I’ve been through it myself.


Evelin x



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