Current Makeup Wishlist – BeautyBay

Hi huns,

Is it me or have so many girls recently started putting together wish-lists of clothes they’d like from Missguided and PLT and I’ve read through a few and actually found them so inspirational as I don’t know about you but as I spend half my day scrolling through my  phone anyway and I lose concentration when scrolling through so many clothes and go way past things I actually like. 

So to then see girls putting photo’s together of things they’ve found and like, when you think their style is sort of similar to yours then I feel more concentration to focus on what they think. 

Now let me show you a few make-up items and skin care that I have found. I would like to say that the purpose of me even starting to look at BeautyBay to order make-up was for my best friends birthday and because Imogen (Imogenation on Youtube) just uploaded a BeautyBay haul which I advise you to check out 😉


Skin care:

I have personally not tried out any of the Mario Bradesco products but the prices are so reasonable and the packaging gives off such a healthy looking vibe, it’s pretty much screaming that it’s good for your skin.



These are the bh cosmetics palettes – Nude Rose £16  (left) and Neutral Eyes 28 shadow palette £13 (right) haven’t tried any of their palettes either before but would definitely like to give it a go as I know their brushes are so good.



Screen Shot 2017-08-09 at 20.16.35Ofra highlighter in the shade Blissful – £20

Screen Shot 2017-08-09 at 20.10.53 This is such a makeup must have as I’m sure most girls would agree with me but I yet still have to try this out. They’re so well priced at £5 each with a variety of shades for highlighting and contour.


Screen Shot 2017-08-09 at 20.49.47Screen Shot 2017-08-09 at 20.50.27

The Morphe & makeup geek eyeshadows are priced around £4 each. I think there are so many different shades especially in the Morphe palettes, they are all so beautiful but the palette is way too big to just carry with you when you go on holiday or anywhere else so to get a Z palette (they have different sizes) and to put your everyday blush shades and eyeshadows in there is a perfect way to save some space and the Z palettes are really well prices and are such high quality keeping your shadows secure in the palette.


For now these are the main things, but expect another wishlist soon enough…

I’d love to hear your reviews on these makeup and skin care items if you have tried them before.


Evelin x


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