How my journey of becoming an air hostess began…

Have I always wanted to become an air hostess?

How did I decide what airline I wanted to work for?

Was it an easy process? (no, no it wasn’t…)

“Good morning Ladies and Gentlemen, I welcome you on board this…”

Before applying at the airline I had previously worked as a bartender and waitress at a hotel where they had weddings, birthday parties and other events organised every single week. I started off working there whilst I was still at school, part time then it turned full time. I enjoyed meeting hundreds of people every week, working with people my age and it was often very fun, although more often I was exhausted, long days, drunk customers, but I was used to it. After I had left school I wanted to move on and start a proper career… (which also meant acting as an adult, having more responsibilities and having a real job!!)

So I applied at recruitment companies (about 20 of them, which now looking back was a bad idea) long story short I was invited to 3 interviews, turned down by all of them at the final stage because they thought I was too nice for the job… TOO NICE?? WHAT DOES THAT MEAN? THIS IS AN INTERVIEW, IM TRYING TO IMPRESS YOU OF COURSE IM GOING TO BE NICE!!! So I walked out, wandering across the streets of a town I haven’t been before, trying to find my way home whilst being on the phone to my boyfriend practically crying and being angry at the same time…At this point, I was jobless, lost all motivation and had no idea what to do with my life… then one afternoon I found out the airline was hiring… 

Many of the girls I currently work with wanted to become an air hostess for years and years, had tried with many other airlines before getting a job somewhere… where on the other hand I had no idea, I always looked up to cabin crew when I was younger and wondered how they were able to do it… so one day I applied and got a call back that same day saying I was invited to an assessment day. 

My God am I actually doing this? How will I cope? Am I suited for this job? I’m going to have a proper career!? 

When I told people I applied and was accepted, the feedback I got was lovely and didn’t expect it, saying I was suited for that job more than anything else and how perfectly that matched my personality which made me feel surprised and relieved.

First step was applying, then recording and sending off a video answering some questions, after that was the assessment day which I was so nervous for, I had never been to one before, I didn’t know anything about aviation or what they do. But it turned out to be an amazing day where I met lots of people, learned about the company and generally became so so excited!

I will write a separate post about the assessment day, go into more detail on how it went, what we had to do, a few tips and all the different stages…

The general process between applying and starting the 5 week long training was what seemed like forever. No matter what job you get at the airport, they require a 5 year long history check which has to include previous addresses, schools/college, previous employment, holidays/travelling, everything… and you can imagine how long this took… *eye-roll* 

Looking back, this has been the best decision I have ever made in my life. Chose the right airline and I enjoy every day of it more than I should. I’m enthusiastic about waking up at 4am (when normally I could barely get up at 10am), spending 18 hours on a plane in one go, standing up all day, I enjoy every second of it…

Hope you enjoyed reading this as much as me writing it.

Evelin x 



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